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Buddham Sharnam Gachami!


Buddham Shrnam Gachami!

The other thing one notices in the profound effluence of Buddha also known as Gautam , Siddhartha the blessed one . The Buddha is omnipresent everywhere . In the holy shrines of Kathmandu .In the carvings on the pillars of the Darbar , which is the town centre of Kathmandu . I saw him in the same meditative posture called the Lotus Position , this time it was a stone statue which made uo the pillars of an ancient Kali Temple . His image came in brass metal inside many temples in which the Hindu’s worship. Nepal being a Hindu country has shown to be greatly influenced by Buddha’s teachings .Kathmandu is full of roaming monks who wander across the mountains preaching the dharma of peace and non- violence.India, Nepal ,Bhutan, Tiebet and most of South East Asia is the seat of the Buddha

Images of the awakened one meditating under the great bodhi tree , all smiles radiating peace can be seen in wall painting . In Cambodia i was amazed to see the Buddha meditating under the many hooded Sheh Nag l who is a Hindu deity . Shesh Nag is the serpent on whom lord Vishnu resides.A blend of Buddhism and Hinduism can be seen in the archilogical remains of the Ankor Wat temples , in siam reap . It is said that Ankor Wat was looked after for years by Buddhist Monks after the Hindu Kings abandoned it . It was kept going by these monks . So along with Statues of Shiva , Vishnu , the carvings of Mahabharata and Ramayana , we also see buddha in his meditative posture .This amalgamation of deities and mythology is indeed very fascinating and shows how the two faiths are similar in many ways .They both preach non violence , peace , open to excepting other faiths and cultures . Buddha as a symbol of joy is sold as the laughing buddha in the streets of Thamel in Kathmandu .

This religious cocktail is also present in Vietnam and places like Bali in Indonesia . Hinduism blending with Buddhism . We can also see that idol’s of the great legends of Mahabharat reside as statues on the beaches of Bali . Huge rock temples with holy springs are places to which people thong to , they bathe say there prayers and light up essence sticks. At times you can see the temple priest with a long beard carry out some of the rituals as astrologers and soothsayers perform their trade in the vicinity.

The Buddhanath Stupas in Kathmandu is a site to behold .It is one of the largest Stupa’s of it’s time and many Tibetian’s come to worship their . Lotus is the Buddha’s Favourite flower and is always given as an offering to the enlightened one . With monks going around the stupa chanting the holy words that resonate all around , with the music of Buddhist chanting. Buddha tatoo’s are a rage here and so is Buddha paintings.

You see his benediction and the belief of people in his faith and ideals Buddha truly is one of the greatest and profound spiritual teacher of our time.

Posted by Anuj Tikku 16:27 Archived in Nepal

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