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God's Prophet's and their Testicles

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Prophets. God’s and their Testicles

My Travelthon exposed me to an interesting fact , the unique co- relation between prophets , god’s and their body parts . Everywhere i went some temple , mosque , mazar ,stupa or religious place was built on the spot where an enlightened being’s or prophets body parts had fallen . So Hazrat Bal in Srinagar Kashmir was built on the spot where the hair of prophet Mohamad had fallen. This serene mosque which was under renovation when i visited it , had the most beautiful minarets and fountains . It’s green texture merged with the colours of the valley . Their was a place where the so called hair of the prophet was kept and the mosque had been built to protect this legacy .

Pashupatinath in Kathmandu and Kedarnath in Uttrakhand both are sites where Shiva’s body parts had fallen . Here again grand temples have come up as symbol’s of holiness and piousness. The priest protect the legacy and glorify the myth of these legends , so as to make sure devotees keep coming and keep spending their money as offerings . In Nanital their is a lake where Bheem’s mace had fallen while he was doing battle that lake is now called Bheem Tal .

Kamaksha Devi's Temple in Assam is also a holy seine where parvati's vagina had fallen , it is a very pious and religious site , where many devotes throng to worship and pay homage to the goddess

I just visited the most beautiful and grand resting place of buddha called “ The Temple of Tooth “ Maligawa temple in Kandy Srilanka. This is again a place where buddha’s tooth had fallen . A grand temple with stupa’s parks and lawns has been erected here . The visitors are charged for enjoying it’s splendour and opulence of the place , the rate of entry depends on your nationality . SAARC countries visitors are charged less then the europeans.

Shiva’s tears fell on mother earth and turned into Rudraksh . Mythology is full of some body part or the other of the god’s falling and their and then a site has been constructed which symbolises and perpetrates these myth’s .

I wonder where did some of our God’s and Prophets testicles feel , and if they did fall somewhere what was constructed at those places to mark them as religious sites and perpetrate new myths . Answers any one .

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