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August 2015

Why Tomb’s , Macabre Murder Sites are Attraction

A Perspective on Death, Killers & Government?!

It’s amazing to see the fascination people have with tomb’s , monuments of the dead and raw murder sites. In Cambodia I saw the killing fields where thousand’s of people had been killed by the oppressive regime of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. polpot


It stand’s a great reminder to the Cambodian people of how oppressive and brutal the regime was . Thousand’s were put into killing field’s and sent to their death for opposing the regime and it’s rulers . I just saw the news that the trial’s of the “ Killing Field’s “ are still going on in Cambodia , backed by the U.N these are trial’s that will in the end help Cambodia end it’s bloody past during the PolPot Regime. The Museum still stand testament to the brutality of the regime.

In Vietnam the War Museum is a testament to the brutality of the war . The unique method’s used by one man to kill another man . The howling children burnt from top to toe by Napalm in the dense forests and which has given rise to Pulitzer Prize Pictures. napalm-pulitzer


The frightened eyes of women hiding in tube well’s and ditches trying to save their lives from enemy solders who attack them .Both Cambodia and Vietnam bare the suffering of war and brutality , which are interwoven in their history . Man is fascinated by evil and why one commits evil , the mind of the evil doer and the deed itself .

In the U.S there are guided tour’s that ferry people from one end of the city to the other to showcase “ The Manson Murders” . These were horrific crimes carried out during the end of the sixties , where Manson ordered his followers to go on a rampage and kill The pregnant wife of Roman Polanski then a budding director. The whole of Hollywood was fascinated by these killings . Theories were made and people wanted to delve into the mind’s of these individuals and their capacity to do evil.

Murder ,Blood , Gore and evil has been an Integral part of the Human Psyche and has been showcased with ample relish and with great fascination .Weather Serial Killers or Barbaric warlords , our fascination with evil continues.

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Hong Kong and it’s excellent Health Care System

Hong Kong

semi-overcast 26 °C

I started feeling bit ill after my sex session with Malena . Early morning and my body felt sore and feverish . I thought to myself must be the exertion from the night before . I slept over my fever , but next day it was back again . Walked unto a seven eleven and bought some pill’s . But no use the body ache persisted . Now i started getting a bit worried , i hope she was not carrying VD . went straight to the net to check my symptoms , yes they looked similar to Hepitites B , my god , I hope all is well . Two days’s past bye i had not left my hotel room . I decided enough was enough it was time to take professional advice . I was told most clinic’s will be closed at this time of night , my best bet will be the local hospital called Queen Mary Hospital . I took a taxi and went to the Hospital . It was a good one very clean and organised , every one was advised to wear a surgical masked . I was seen by a nurse at the emergency , she gave me a slip and a number and asked me to deposit a fee of 990 Hong Kong Dollars . I sat down at the reception and was told my turn will come within an hour. It came within the stipulated time . I was ushered in to a room , where a Chinese doctor attended to me . I told him about my symptom’s , i told him that i had had sex a few days back , but used the necessary protection .

The doctor examined me and said relax “ It’s just a case of Flu .” I was happy and took a sigh of relief . I had checked up that my Prestige Citi Bank Card also gave me adequate insurance cover and i was relived that my adventurous way’s had not made me fall ill in a foreign land . I walked unto the pharmacy and was given the prescribed doses of medicine , neatly packed and labelled on polythene bags . All this took just 20 min while i sipped soda and enjoyed the music from my I Pod .

Came back to my hotel and took my medicines , all is now well and i can go back to sleep that i managed to escape VD at least.

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Hong Kong Tram’s and The Paper Stone Bakery

Hong Kong


Now that it is sinking in that will be extending my stay in Hong Kong till the 30th August , i decided to get adventurous . I strolled down the lane’s of Sheung Wa and caught a tram . This was going to be fun , on a hong kong tram with no idea where to tho and what to see , just endlessly float away the afternoon. The most fun part is drifting away with no goal no destination and no full stop’s. This was the best way to get lost in the city , which i have grown to love . So many of my friend’s i meet and so many old memories were ignited . The tram endlessly criss across the city , with buses trying to overtake each other . It starts to drizzle a bit as people hop on and off the tram .The price is a mere 2 HK and the ride is amazing . Hong has a spark about it with the old and the young living together in harmony .Wit Spice shop’s , mall’s , gemstone market’s and electronic shop’s all trying to sell their wears . The tram had wooden benches and were bit old fashioned , the passengers in grossed in the endless chatter of the day , exchanging notes and just soaking in the atmosphere.

The stop finally came and i jumped out of the steam . I walked back all the way to Central Distrcit when my eyes fell on the freshness of a bakery . This was the Paper Stone Bakery , full od fresh , delicious bread’s , cakes , tart’s , bun and mousses. I couldn’t get enough of it .I walked in and bough a orange mousse and a chocolate tart . This i delightfully savoured as a walked back to my hotel . The bakery sold brads from europe and France and people loved it . I paid 50HK for my two treats and walked out . I recommend this Bakery to any one who enjoyed an evening tea with sank’s breads and cakes . It is a must visit for European travellers who travel to Hong Kong .

Paper Stone Bakery
FWD Financial Centre
308 Des Voeux Road
Hong Kong

This is a must visit also cakes for party and Birth day celebrations.

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The Masala in the Turkish Kebab - A Restaurant Review

A Restaurant Review Hong Kong

sunny 28 °C

Explored two mouth watering eateries near my hotel Holiday Inn . Both are on Mercer Street in Shung Wah . One is a Turkish food joint with a chef named Jahid from India . It is a a small shop , no a/c and only five or six chair’s for people to sit on and eat . The Menu was mostly Non- Veg Kebab’s , falafel , curries , chip’s and Doner Kebab. Most item’s where between 55 Hk TO 65 HK . I asked for a beef diner kebab and a lamb curry with french fries . This i thought would be an adequate meal , as it is it was my first of the day .The Lamb Curry was juicy and more like a Korma with tomato gravy and hot red chiles .The meat was soft and boneless , it lost melted in my mouth .I dipped the fries in the gravy and munched them as starters . This I washed down with a can of Fanta . Then came the beef Doner kebab .This reminded me of my day’s in Manchester and the kebab’s i use to enjoy during my college day’s . The meat was strung up in heated oven’s , only to be shredded later . The shop was small and Bollywood music was blaring from one of the tapes . Small but a tasty Kebab Joint not to forget good vale for money . So do visit this joint when you are next in Hong Kong .


Kebab House Turkish Restaurant
G/F 25 Mercer Road , Sheung Wan
Tel: 31880676

Just in front of the Kebab Joint is Masala The Indian Restaurant .This serves modern Indian cuisine but only Halal Meat . You can have your dish little , medium or very spicy .The Rogan Josh , Fish Madras and Chicken Vindaloo are a must try .The gravies are rich and the quantity of oil is also to a reasonable level .The Nan’s and kulcha’s are a delight and go ver well with the gravies . Potato Chat , Samosa , Bhajia and Raita make a great appetizer . Once you have got your taste bud’s and gastric juices going try the Mango Lassi . This cool drink will blow you away and refresh you for the whole day . The restaurant is of an adequate size with room for almost 30 guests at a time . Their is a small bar too selling beer , whiskey and burbon. Run by an Indian Muslim family .I seriously recommend this eatery for those who wish to enjoy authentic Indian food in Hong Kong . This is as close as we get to home .The flavors and spices have all been hand picked and remix one of the Indian Mughal Period I t is more expensive then the Turkish Joint but the variety of food and the nice seating arrangement make up for that.
Masala Restaurant

Masala Restaurant

Masala Modern Indian Cusine
10 Mercer Street, Sheung Wan
Tel: 25819777

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On a Prayer at the Wong Tai Sin Temple

Hong Kong

semi-overcast 27 °C

Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the most famous temples dedicated to the great immortal Wong .The temple is known for granting any wish the people might have . When the Wong was 15 , he began to follow Taoism . Forty years later , he achieved enlightenment and became immortal . People called him Wong Tai Sin from then on .It is said that he punishes evils , heals the wounded and rescues the dying. His influence spread from Guangdong Province to Hong Kong in early in the early 20th century.With his mercy and his power , he is said to grant whatever is equated Wong Tai Sin Temple is known for it’s fortune telling .The Fortune sticks here are very accurate . many people who visit the temple come to have their fortune told . Generally , worshippers entreat the fate of the same year.They light worship sticks , keel before the main altar , make wish , and shake a bamboo cylinder containing fortune sticks until one falls out. The stick is exchanged for a piece of paper bearing the same number, and the soothsayer then interprets the fortune on the paper for the worshipper. Wong Tai Sin has many worshippers in Hong kong , so the joss sticks and candles burn exuberantly all year round , especially during the Chinese Lunar New Year and Wong Tai Sin’s Birthday -the 23rd day of the eight lunar month.

Wong Tai Sin Temple is called Sik Sik Yuen. It’s architecture is in traditional Chinese temple style, grand pillars , a magnificent golden roof adorned with blue friezes , yellow latticework , and resplendent multi coloured carvings . Aside from the Daxiongbaodian or grand hall , Sansheng hall and the good wish garden are also worth seeing . The ground also feature three memorial archways .The first one stand’s outside the temple and is carved with the name of the temple .If you walk past the soothsayers and the fortune telling stalls , you can see another memorial archway. The temple are the nine Dragon Wall a replica of the renowned Nine Dragon Wall in the Bejing and the good wish garden.

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