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How to get a blow job in Cambodia


How to get a Blow Job In Cambodia

Well sex industry is thriving in South East Asia , from the glittery Gentlemen clubs of Manila , the massage parlours of Vietnam to the high class brothels of Siam Reap . I ventured out of the hotel determined to get a blow job and enjoy a night with a Cambodian beauty .The Cambodian word for sex is beum beum. The best bet is your local tuk tuk driver as he became my tour guide to the city . All i had to do is tell him”beum beum” . Which means i wanna bloddy get laid and i am willing to pay in dollars for it .

He whizzed thetuk tuk past the bazaar’s and restaurant place into a compound of a special club . Nicely light up with red blue and pink neon lights .It had silk soffa’s in the reception with two lady madam’e sitting their .They were the harem keepers , who escorted travelers like me to choose from the assorted beauties that were available that night .

The girls wore make up and silk and satin dresses .Some wore jeans and bright tops , some fancied blonde wigs and backless dresses . All in all they were neat and tidy in their get ups . Well for $100 a night this was a high class pick up joint I chatted with a few of them , some girls had just come after a job so were tired .Others looked moody , i finally choose a shorty plump beauty with big eyes and lushes lips. She followed my tuk tuk on her moped straight to the hotel. After showing an adequate id for the lady and promising to pay 20 dollars extra to enjoy her services i took the lady to my room . Where you guessed it we broke the bed . She left early morning with a 10 dollar tip and left behind her pin hair clip .I bought the clip back to india as a souvenir for getting my first blow job of the travelthon.

The other places to get laid are the various drinking holes in the city .I ventured into one it had the music from an Indian Film Dhoom 3 blaring in the background called “ Kamli Kamili” . Here i approached a pretty bar girl and offered to pay for her drinks .She sat down with me and we started playing pool all the time i kept taking care of her drinks .We had a great game and then i asked her for a dance .Thats it she was in my arms in no time and i was making my moves . It’s all about making the lady comfortable when she knows you are a gentle men she will ease into the trap .That night i had this beauty too. Wow Cambodia was a paradise.

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An Astrologers day at Ankor Wat

Siam Reap Cambodia

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The Cambodia Angkor Air flight landed at Siem Reap airport around midnight from Manila. The airport, 7 km from the city, was small but well maintained. I availed of the Visa on Arrival facility and walked over to the immigration officer.
  “This visa permits me to stay for only 15 days but I might like to stay longer. Couldn’t you extend my visa to one month?” I said making the unmistakable sign that I was ready to pay, whatever the so-called “fee.” It was a quick bargain and both parties parted happily. Lightfooted, I bounced out of the airport to the tuk tuk stand to head for my next destination, a hotel, to catch up on my sleep.
 The tuk tuks are motorcycle-rickshaws, the main mode of transport in Cambodia. A good night’s sleep, a hearty breakfast, a walk around the former Frecnh colonial oupost and I was prepared to hire a tuk tuk to visit Angkor Wat. Originally a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, it was built by the Khmer King Suryavarman in the early 12th century. Later converted into a Buddhist monastery, it is the country’s prime attraction for visitors and is significantly and symbolically portrayed on the country’s national flag.
 The inner walls of the temple depict carvings from battle scenes of the Ramayana and the samudra manthan. Large statues of the snake-god Shesh Nag and the Apsaras are positioned at various ends of the temple. There were some unusual sights too, such as statutes of the Buddha meditating under the hood of Shesh Nag. Prospering from the 9th to the 15th centuries, this was a remarkable medley of Hinduis amd Buddhism.
 A UNESCO World Heritage site, Angkor Wat is 5.5 km north of the modern town of Siem Reap which is about 300 km from the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh. According to legend, the construction of Angkor Wat, or "City of Temples" in Khmer, was ordered by Lord Indira for his son Precha Ket Mealea. According to the 13th century Chinese traveller Daguan Zhou, it was believed that the temple was constructed in a single night by a divine architect. Angkor Wat';s rising series of five towers culminates in an impressive central tower that symbolizes mythical Mount Meru. Thousands of feet of wall space are covered with intricate carving depicting scenes from Hindu mythology.
 The temple complex is so huge that it takes at least three days to see the entire complex. Outside the complex compound flock the usual hordes of tour guides, hawkers selling books on the history of Angkor Wat, picture postcards, T-shirts, handicrafts, soft drinks, snacks and anything a visitor might want to take home as a souvenir.
 I was not interested in purchasing any knickknacks as a memory of my visit. I sat outside the complex, shooing away the occasional hawker who came to pester me. The heat of the day was making me feel thirsty. I planned to return to my hotel for a quick shower and a stroll down to the nearest pub for a chilled beer. Then I saw, sitting on the ground in the shade of a nearby tree, a man in a white sarong and an orange-coloured vest. He was ruffling a bunch of pages and humming to himself.
 “Why isn’t he hassling the tourists? Why does he look so content?” I asked myself. To get a reply, I ambled across to where he was sitting. He looked up at me. “Sir, I am an astrologer and I can read your future from this collection of ancient Pali scriptures.” He told me to pick up one of the pages before him. I followed his command and handed the page back. “Sir, you have a great future, and for the next five years will keep on travelling and seeing the world.” He revealed some more facts that made me feel content. I dived into my pocket and pulled out a bunch of Cambodian riel notes and handed them over. I no longer needed the chilled beer for now I was a cool, content guy.

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