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Hong Kong Tram’s and The Paper Stone Bakery

Hong Kong


Now that it is sinking in that will be extending my stay in Hong Kong till the 30th August , i decided to get adventurous . I strolled down the lane’s of Sheung Wa and caught a tram . This was going to be fun , on a hong kong tram with no idea where to tho and what to see , just endlessly float away the afternoon. The most fun part is drifting away with no goal no destination and no full stop’s. This was the best way to get lost in the city , which i have grown to love . So many of my friend’s i meet and so many old memories were ignited . The tram endlessly criss across the city , with buses trying to overtake each other . It starts to drizzle a bit as people hop on and off the tram .The price is a mere 2 HK and the ride is amazing . Hong has a spark about it with the old and the young living together in harmony .Wit Spice shop’s , mall’s , gemstone market’s and electronic shop’s all trying to sell their wears . The tram had wooden benches and were bit old fashioned , the passengers in grossed in the endless chatter of the day , exchanging notes and just soaking in the atmosphere.

The stop finally came and i jumped out of the steam . I walked back all the way to Central Distrcit when my eyes fell on the freshness of a bakery . This was the Paper Stone Bakery , full od fresh , delicious bread’s , cakes , tart’s , bun and mousses. I couldn’t get enough of it .I walked in and bough a orange mousse and a chocolate tart . This i delightfully savoured as a walked back to my hotel . The bakery sold brads from europe and France and people loved it . I paid 50HK for my two treats and walked out . I recommend this Bakery to any one who enjoyed an evening tea with sank’s breads and cakes . It is a must visit for European travellers who travel to Hong Kong .

Paper Stone Bakery
FWD Financial Centre
308 Des Voeux Road
Hong Kong

This is a must visit also cakes for party and Birth day celebrations.

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The Masala in the Turkish Kebab - A Restaurant Review

A Restaurant Review Hong Kong

sunny 28 °C

Explored two mouth watering eateries near my hotel Holiday Inn . Both are on Mercer Street in Shung Wah . One is a Turkish food joint with a chef named Jahid from India . It is a a small shop , no a/c and only five or six chair’s for people to sit on and eat . The Menu was mostly Non- Veg Kebab’s , falafel , curries , chip’s and Doner Kebab. Most item’s where between 55 Hk TO 65 HK . I asked for a beef diner kebab and a lamb curry with french fries . This i thought would be an adequate meal , as it is it was my first of the day .The Lamb Curry was juicy and more like a Korma with tomato gravy and hot red chiles .The meat was soft and boneless , it lost melted in my mouth .I dipped the fries in the gravy and munched them as starters . This I washed down with a can of Fanta . Then came the beef Doner kebab .This reminded me of my day’s in Manchester and the kebab’s i use to enjoy during my college day’s . The meat was strung up in heated oven’s , only to be shredded later . The shop was small and Bollywood music was blaring from one of the tapes . Small but a tasty Kebab Joint not to forget good vale for money . So do visit this joint when you are next in Hong Kong .


Kebab House Turkish Restaurant
G/F 25 Mercer Road , Sheung Wan
Tel: 31880676

Just in front of the Kebab Joint is Masala The Indian Restaurant .This serves modern Indian cuisine but only Halal Meat . You can have your dish little , medium or very spicy .The Rogan Josh , Fish Madras and Chicken Vindaloo are a must try .The gravies are rich and the quantity of oil is also to a reasonable level .The Nan’s and kulcha’s are a delight and go ver well with the gravies . Potato Chat , Samosa , Bhajia and Raita make a great appetizer . Once you have got your taste bud’s and gastric juices going try the Mango Lassi . This cool drink will blow you away and refresh you for the whole day . The restaurant is of an adequate size with room for almost 30 guests at a time . Their is a small bar too selling beer , whiskey and burbon. Run by an Indian Muslim family .I seriously recommend this eatery for those who wish to enjoy authentic Indian food in Hong Kong . This is as close as we get to home .The flavors and spices have all been hand picked and remix one of the Indian Mughal Period I t is more expensive then the Turkish Joint but the variety of food and the nice seating arrangement make up for that.
Masala Restaurant

Masala Restaurant

Masala Modern Indian Cusine
10 Mercer Street, Sheung Wan
Tel: 25819777

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On a Prayer at the Wong Tai Sin Temple

Hong Kong

semi-overcast 27 °C

Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the most famous temples dedicated to the great immortal Wong .The temple is known for granting any wish the people might have . When the Wong was 15 , he began to follow Taoism . Forty years later , he achieved enlightenment and became immortal . People called him Wong Tai Sin from then on .It is said that he punishes evils , heals the wounded and rescues the dying. His influence spread from Guangdong Province to Hong Kong in early in the early 20th century.With his mercy and his power , he is said to grant whatever is equated Wong Tai Sin Temple is known for it’s fortune telling .The Fortune sticks here are very accurate . many people who visit the temple come to have their fortune told . Generally , worshippers entreat the fate of the same year.They light worship sticks , keel before the main altar , make wish , and shake a bamboo cylinder containing fortune sticks until one falls out. The stick is exchanged for a piece of paper bearing the same number, and the soothsayer then interprets the fortune on the paper for the worshipper. Wong Tai Sin has many worshippers in Hong kong , so the joss sticks and candles burn exuberantly all year round , especially during the Chinese Lunar New Year and Wong Tai Sin’s Birthday -the 23rd day of the eight lunar month.

Wong Tai Sin Temple is called Sik Sik Yuen. It’s architecture is in traditional Chinese temple style, grand pillars , a magnificent golden roof adorned with blue friezes , yellow latticework , and resplendent multi coloured carvings . Aside from the Daxiongbaodian or grand hall , Sansheng hall and the good wish garden are also worth seeing . The ground also feature three memorial archways .The first one stand’s outside the temple and is carved with the name of the temple .If you walk past the soothsayers and the fortune telling stalls , you can see another memorial archway. The temple are the nine Dragon Wall a replica of the renowned Nine Dragon Wall in the Bejing and the good wish garden.

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Meandering Through Temple Street Night Market

Hong Kong


When the sunset’s in and the evening transformed into night , the trader’s bring out their wear’s to sell at the Temple Street Night Market in the Kwaloon bay area. I strolled into the market in the evening and instantly became part of the hustle bustle of the place . Tiny shop’s selling toy’s , bangles, coins , tea pot’s , t shirt’s , and many other nick nak’s . Reminded me of the Karol Bagh market in Delhi . It was also very similar to the Thamel market in Kathmandu barring the dope off course . Littered with eateries , massage parlours and jewellery shop’s .The lane was brightly light up as passer by shopped and bargained for a good deal .

Named after the Tin Hua temple located in the middle , it is a hot spot for shopper’s .I bought some great plastic toy’s and robot’s for my Nephew . Then sat down at a noodle restaurant for a hot snack . As i looked skyward i was amazed to find a sign saying “ Kamla Beauty and Hair Saloon” the word’s where in hindi , it struck me that even Indian’s have landed here to sell their services .

The Street’s on either side have shop’s selling clothes and jewellery . I strolled into a shop called “ Crocodile .This was a shop selling T shirt’s and short’s . I was delighted and picked up two brightly colures t shirts . The ladies at in the shop’s gave me a big discount 900 HKD for two extra large T shirt’s and shorts was a good deal. I thanked them took some picture’s and strolled away . The women on the footpath were all nattily dressed selling their massage services , but i was in no mood to be tiltilated so i walked away .This is off course a famous area of Hong Kong and a must see for most tourist as bargain’s are rife here .
Took the taxi back to my hotel costed me 100 HDK would have been better if i had taken the Mtr , but what the hell i needed a conversation. John was my taxi driver “ You see sir Honk Kong has it’s own unique smell and that is the smell of money . All the rich Millionaires of China have kept their million’s in Hong Kong , they don’t trust the Chinese Government . They think their money is safe here.” he said tuning his car radio again and again .” Well i wanted to move my money from India to Hong Kong but it’s not possible now , rules have become very strict and the new Modi government is hell bent on taxing the rich .No one is being spared .” i said with bait of tension in my voice . John looked out of the car window “ you must goto Macau and see the gambling den’s their , it’s also good for sex .” I nodded and said “ Well i already have too many vices i don’t need another , but yes Macau is on my agenda.” The taxi stopped near the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and i strolled back into my room . On the way up i was quizzed by a spanish couple , to whom i said” Well i am travelling around the world this is my 11th country in south east Asia . They were amazed and let out a big “ WOW”

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The Fortune Teller of Mah Mo Temple

Buddha Temple

sunny 30 °C

The Fortune Teller of Man Mo Temple

I strolled across the Sheung Wan area in Hong Kong as my hotel was situated their. It is a bustling array of streets filled with antic and curio shops . I enjoyed chatting to the shop owners and take a peek at their wear’s . Pot’s and statues made of bone china , painting’s of Chinese Philosopher’s and monk’s . Feng Chui , bell’s ,essence stick’s and what not . The street is lined up with these shop’s .One turn and then you see an array of shop’s selling spices by the ton .

The Man Mo temple is situated at the heart of this area and is a popular Buddhist temple. Here i meet Harmung the Fortune Teller . He sat in busy corner of the temple on an old chair with a table full of paper’s and card’s on it .” Now before i start let me remind you it will be 500 hong kong dollar’s my consultation fee .” I nodded and affirmed . He put both my hand’s together and started reading my lines . “ You have strong life line you will live to be 80 years old may be more , but be careful of your drinking you might get heart problem by the time you are 50 “. he said in a chant ones accent . I told him my father was also a heart patient and it run’s in the family . You like to work but you need to focus more to get success .” he said in a tone of a wise man . “ Will i always have money .” i asked . “ Yes money no problem for you will always have enough to spend and will live a very comfortable life , but you know what you are too crazy about sex.” he said with a glee in his eye’s . I was amazed how did he know that or may be it was just written on my face .” you need to be a bit careful here , pay for se as much as you like but only love a woman after you know her background well and are sure she is from a good family otherwise you will land up in trouble .” he advised me . I thought to myself he doesn’t know how much trouble my sex life has caused me already but yes i agreed with him. I told him about the tragic death of my father he told me to pray to buddha for peace.

I asked him will i have children will i get married .” I don't know about marriage but yes you will have children for sure , it is not important to be married to have children for a man of your nature . You must always follow your heart and never fear , because that is your biggest enemy . You will travel the world and explore it’s many secrets “ he said sounding like the Jedai master Yodo.

I thanked him for his service then wandered into the temple and prayed for my father’s soul . I prayed for his forgiveness and walked out with the blessing’s of Buddha .

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