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An Evening with Malena

Malena Hong Kong


Evening with Malena


It was getting to be dark and Sid called up and asked me to explore the nightlife of Hong Kong.” You must goto Escape it is the best Club for party pick up and girl’s . I was ready to take a try . I took a Taxi and reached my destination . I walked into a club called Red Dragon , which was rather a cheap affaire .You have short plump Phillipino girls dancing around on the stage with poles . I took a seat when old lady approached me with a beer and asked to pay for the girl also . I dully obliged . A chinese girl called Sha Sha came and sat next to me . “Hi darling , where are you from ? “ I gave a glee smile and said “ Mumbai.” That is it she started stroking my dick .”Buy one beer for me too.” I got a bit turned on but the lighting in the bar was a bit gloomy shades of Red and Neon colours. I started feeling a bit uncomfortable and decided to move out into the road . The street was lit up with dazzling singes of bar’s and night clubs , nude dancing joint’s . Ah finally i found the club Escape . I paid 300 HK as an entry fee and was welcomed in . As i entered like a hall my eyes scanned a pretty girl on the left . I decided to wait before i made my move . I strolled around the club , full of liquor and smoke , their was a live band playing .

I walked unto the bar and asked for a whiskey , it was Black Label on the rock’s . I took one round of the club and came back to the lady i had first scanned . One gesture and it’s as if that was enough , she walked unto me .” So what’s your name .” i quizzed her , she said “ Malena”.

I real hottie , toned body and a perfect figure with a radiant glow on her face . This girl surely enjoyed what she was doing and took pride in it . At 1500 HK the deal was done . She asked me to wait outside the seven eleven on the next road . In no time we were in the taxi , getting to know each other , as i gently stroked her neck and planted a kiss . We walked up to my hotel room .

Malena was Columbian , she was separated had a one year old child and was staying on her own in hong kong . Well as soon as the pleasantries had been exchanged , i offered her a coke and her fee. She was gorgeous indeed all dressed up in black night dress , she was ready to be picked . I took off my clothes and hit the shower , which increased the warm soothing sensation in my body , i was intoxicated my the women and the whiskey . In minutes we were in bed naked for all the world to see .The sex stared slow , but got aggressive as it went along . It was divine .We were aching and browning like wild dog’s. And as the climax was approaching thing’s were wild . The climax reached a operatic high , it the sky’s opened up , and we both collapsed in each other’s arms . I had worked up some steam and said “ My this is a heat exercise , we should do it every day , i mean their is no resin to go the gym after this .” Malena said excitedly “ Off course , i told you so .’

I was in a great mood nd asked her to pose fior me on the bed , as i captured her through my lens .That’s it we were done .’ Hey i like you , may be you come with me to Macau too and we spend some more time.” i said . She was willing and liked the idea . A handed her a tip of 100 HK and kissed her good night . Malena man what a ride , i splashed her all over my Facebook page and the whole world is responding to my post.

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Hong Kong and it’s excellent Health Care System

Hong Kong

semi-overcast 26 °C

I started feeling bit ill after my sex session with Malena . Early morning and my body felt sore and feverish . I thought to myself must be the exertion from the night before . I slept over my fever , but next day it was back again . Walked unto a seven eleven and bought some pill’s . But no use the body ache persisted . Now i started getting a bit worried , i hope she was not carrying VD . went straight to the net to check my symptoms , yes they looked similar to Hepitites B , my god , I hope all is well . Two days’s past bye i had not left my hotel room . I decided enough was enough it was time to take professional advice . I was told most clinic’s will be closed at this time of night , my best bet will be the local hospital called Queen Mary Hospital . I took a taxi and went to the Hospital . It was a good one very clean and organised , every one was advised to wear a surgical masked . I was seen by a nurse at the emergency , she gave me a slip and a number and asked me to deposit a fee of 990 Hong Kong Dollars . I sat down at the reception and was told my turn will come within an hour. It came within the stipulated time . I was ushered in to a room , where a Chinese doctor attended to me . I told him about my symptom’s , i told him that i had had sex a few days back , but used the necessary protection .

The doctor examined me and said relax “ It’s just a case of Flu .” I was happy and took a sigh of relief . I had checked up that my Prestige Citi Bank Card also gave me adequate insurance cover and i was relived that my adventurous way’s had not made me fall ill in a foreign land . I walked unto the pharmacy and was given the prescribed doses of medicine , neatly packed and labelled on polythene bags . All this took just 20 min while i sipped soda and enjoyed the music from my I Pod .

Came back to my hotel and took my medicines , all is now well and i can go back to sleep that i managed to escape VD at least.

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On a Prayer at the Wong Tai Sin Temple

Hong Kong

semi-overcast 27 °C

Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the most famous temples dedicated to the great immortal Wong .The temple is known for granting any wish the people might have . When the Wong was 15 , he began to follow Taoism . Forty years later , he achieved enlightenment and became immortal . People called him Wong Tai Sin from then on .It is said that he punishes evils , heals the wounded and rescues the dying. His influence spread from Guangdong Province to Hong Kong in early in the early 20th century.With his mercy and his power , he is said to grant whatever is equated Wong Tai Sin Temple is known for it’s fortune telling .The Fortune sticks here are very accurate . many people who visit the temple come to have their fortune told . Generally , worshippers entreat the fate of the same year.They light worship sticks , keel before the main altar , make wish , and shake a bamboo cylinder containing fortune sticks until one falls out. The stick is exchanged for a piece of paper bearing the same number, and the soothsayer then interprets the fortune on the paper for the worshipper. Wong Tai Sin has many worshippers in Hong kong , so the joss sticks and candles burn exuberantly all year round , especially during the Chinese Lunar New Year and Wong Tai Sin’s Birthday -the 23rd day of the eight lunar month.

Wong Tai Sin Temple is called Sik Sik Yuen. It’s architecture is in traditional Chinese temple style, grand pillars , a magnificent golden roof adorned with blue friezes , yellow latticework , and resplendent multi coloured carvings . Aside from the Daxiongbaodian or grand hall , Sansheng hall and the good wish garden are also worth seeing . The ground also feature three memorial archways .The first one stand’s outside the temple and is carved with the name of the temple .If you walk past the soothsayers and the fortune telling stalls , you can see another memorial archway. The temple are the nine Dragon Wall a replica of the renowned Nine Dragon Wall in the Bejing and the good wish garden.

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The Peak of Hong Kong with Allen and Billy Lo

Hong Kong


After my the chin wag with Sid . I headed back to my hotel Holiday Inn Express in the Sheung Wan district of Hong Kong Island . The hotel was a bit costly affair around 100 dollars a night , but the grand breakfast and the view from my hotel window made up for everything . I quickly connected with Billy and Allen Lo my roommates at Christ’s College Blackheath and fixed a date for the evening .Both the Chinese brothers landed up in the evening . We were meeting after 25 years and it was a great reunion of friend’s who had studied in the same school from 1998 to 2000 . Both had families and kid’s billy was a senior pilot now and still smoked menthol cigarettes like he use to . “ You bastard you were the one who got me to smoke for the first time in school “ i taunted him and now i can’t stop .

We quickly moved to where the action was happening in Hong Kong the Times Square . This was a huge amalgamation of fashion outlets , mall’s , designer show room’s , eateries , bars and fun . A bit like Clarke Quay in Singapore . They had these Blow up’s of Giant Japanese animation Characters called Gandam. These are giant Robot’s from the Gandam Series which is hailed as the Star Trek of Japan . I strolled around these huge characters and took some pictures . Then we all headed to a near by Chinese restaurant for dinner . The feast was set Fried Duck , beef stew ,rice and chilly pork . Billy couldn’t get enough of his new Samsung edge phone and kept showing me the pictures of his daughter and family . “ You know it’s like time never passed , when old friend’s meet . My memories of you all just coming back . How Billy would make noodles in the morning and wake every one up and Allen would tell him not to smoke acting like the perfect elder brother .” i said . “ Hey Tikku Tse is asking does Tikku still have smelly feet .” billy barked reading out an ams from a common friend Frankie Tse who missed our dinner date .

The dinner was yummy and after taking some more photo’s from my new Cannon camera which was too hot for the waitress to handle , we moved out . I shared my current travel experience to 10 countries and off course showed off my Bollywood acting video’s , my scene’s with Shah Rukh Khan . Allen was impressed “ You know i watched the Three idiot’s , it was a big hit in Honk Kong and Amir Khan did a great job in the film .” he said . I was not surprised since Amir Khan’s new Film PK was also shown in China and they loved it , it was a huge success . Come Allen said let us show Tikku the Peak of Hong Kong.

This was off course Victoria Peak Perching on The Peak at 396 metres above sea level, The Peak Tower is one of the most stylish architectural Hong Kong attractions.Inside the Peak tower is a dazzling array of restaurant’s , shops and entertainment venues set against the beautiful backdrop of the city. One get’s a panoramic view of Hong Kong from the Peak , you can board the Peak Tram to get the ultimate experience of Hong Kong’s beauty . I captured the view from the top and even took a video of the teeming landscape beneath . A scoop of Ice cream and we were all done for the day . Ahh I am In Hong Kong it was finally sinking in.

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In Hong Kong with Sid

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong With Sid

I reached Hong Kong and as i stepped out of the airport the first thing i felt was the density of the city . Hong Kong is a densely populated city .The roads and by lanes are narrower and sky scrappers are densely packed together . Next mooring was an endless wait for Sid , my friend for 15 years who i was meeting after a long time . After making a few call’s to my chinese friends from my christ’s college days Allen and Billy . I waited for Sid to arrive he swaggered in , with his mercurial walk . “ Long time old fiend , lot of water ha passed since we last meet .” He of off course referring to my father’s death and the tragedy that had befallen me a few years back . “ Thing’s are better now and i have left my past behind . I have started this travellthon around the world and it is keeping me busy .” I handed him a box of chocolates and started taking him though my travelthon video’s . I gave him my picture book and we headed off to Sid’s apartment . “ You know Sid i cried for the first time two month’s after my father’s death . I just couldn’t weep but when i opened his cupboard to give away his clothes to the poor . I saw the letter’s he had kept of mine from my college day’s . I just broke down then .” Sid got a bit emotional “ I lost my father also just a week before your dad’s tragedy . It’s when parents are gone one really know’s their importance and how they had been holding the fort together . I took a sip of my whiskey and said “ You know life is a a little boat in a vast endless eternal ocean , their is no going left or right , backward’s or forwards , no rewind , no right no wrong . Just you and the endless ocean . I use to think many times what are the decision’s that got me to this point in life . Where they the right ones or the wrong ones and at the end i get no answers.”

Sid was busy stirring up the mutton and the pulao rice he was cooking for me . “ You want a massage girl i can get her here , you can loosen up , all this philosophical talk is very heavy on the soul .” I smiled “ No yaar as it is i have fucked a babe in every country i visited during my travelthon , let me give the chicks in Hong Kong a break .” I strolled around his kitchen and got hold of a Can of Rajneegandha Pan Masala , atet popping a few spoon’s i said” Every one is going though their own biopic and journey .It alway’s seems that your story is the most important , because it is unfolding for you . But actually everyone is fighting their own battles .The rich the poor black for white and everyone is a hero of their story .” We sat down for dinner and gobbled up the mutton .” I mean just because i have money doesn’t mean i don’t have problems . Imagine if i am fighting to protect my limited wealth , what must the Ambani’s , Buffet’s and Gates of this world must be going through to protect their million’s “ Sidu nodded as if to agree . I looked up at a painting on his wall and then strolled around to the dining table to light up a cigarette “ You know Tina Ambani even haggles with the guy who comes to her home to sell vacuum cleaners . She ask’s them to give her a discount ,I mean she can buy the company that makes the vacuum cleaner , but no one likes to be taken for a rid or be ripped off everybody wants to show that they are smart enough to get a good bargain. Just because you are a billionaire doesn’t mean you will just throw your money around .”

It was getting late and Sid was tired , i had a great dinner and wished him all the best . We promised to meet the day after and that was the end of my first day in Hong Kong.

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