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Hopping around Seoul Getting my Khojo Yanked


Basho my taxi driver arrived sharp at 8:00 am to take me to a tour of Seoul . He was a fine looking Korean man in his 50’’s . He had worked for some trading companies in England and the US and was also in the Korean army for a while , may be that was the reason why he spoke such good english . “ you know anuj we in south korea concentrated on development and technology , that is why we progressed so fast . In North Korea they were only busy building their army and buying more weapons and look where they are today .They don’t even have food to eat .” I nodded as if to affirm .” Basho but it is amazing how fast countries like Korea , Hong kong , Singapore and the other asian tigers progressed . I think it was the impact of the Hiroshima bombings and the second world war . The Asian tigers realised that they had to be self sufficient and grow on their own steam , otherwise they would not survive.” We strolled across Jogeysa Buddha temple and Gyeongbokgung Palace in the heart of seoul. The grand place which was built by the Joseon Dynasty is a huge maze of Bamboo and Wood room’s with curved roof’s . Pillars and court yards run on either side with huge free ground area in the middle. I saw the emperors thrown which was ornamented with a colourful canopy and a symbolic painting of the sun the moon and five mountains in the middle . This gave the throne a grand look.

The Jogeysa buddha temple reminded me of lot of the buddha temples i had seen in Nepal and Srilanka . Devotees listened to the monks preach and prayed . I lit and tied a white lantern to pay homage to the dead spirit of my father Arun Kumar. The white lantern is a symbol of peace and the monks pray for the departed soul . I realised Korean script is also written like the chinese script it is written from top to bottom . Unlike hindi our english which is written form left to right . Urdu or Pharisee which is written form right to left.

We then walked into Insadong street which is a street where a lot of art , calligraphy , curios and other items are sold .It is an art street , i ventured into some art galleries and finally when Basho and me had both worked up an appetite , we decided to dine in Caffe Little India . This was a small caffe decorated with ethic indian wears and served indian food . Lassi , achaar , butter chicken , roti ,pullao and other such delicacies . The music from Shah Rukh Khan’s Film Happy New Year was playing aloud “ Kehtein hein hum ko pyaar se India Wale.” Basho was delighted that i would be treating him to an Indian meal . After we were over with the meal , i asked Basho to take me to a book shop where i bought a few books on Korea and it’s cultural heritage.

It was 6:00 pm by then i had smoked my last cigarette and was getting a bit tired and irritated . Basho came up with the perfect remedy “ why don't we get you a massage sir .” I said” I though paid sex and prostitution was illegal in korea .” He smiled and said “ it’s the oldest profession in the world sir , how can it be illegal , let me see what i can do .” We soon drove into an alley i pulled out 250000 won from the ATM and we walked into a basement . The lady of the joint took the money and walked me into a room full of towels with a bed in the middle. Soon Jueng entered a young korean girl all giggly , she took me by the hand into the shower , then took off her clothes and bathed me for a while , then she poured shampoo on me and made sure very part of my body including my Khojo ( in korean it means penis) was spankingly clean . She gave me a got oil body to body massage and a spanking blow job . It took all but 40 min and i was done . I thanked every one and Basho drive me back home .As he opened the door to let me go he took off his cap and said “ It was a pleasure taking you around sir , you truly are an Indian Maharaja.”

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