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Hopping around Seoul Getting my Khojo Yanked


Basho my taxi driver arrived sharp at 8:00 am to take me to a tour of Seoul . He was a fine looking Korean man in his 50’’s . He had worked for some trading companies in England and the US and was also in the Korean army for a while , may be that was the reason why he spoke such good english . “ you know anuj we in south korea concentrated on development and technology , that is why we progressed so fast . In North Korea they were only busy building their army and buying more weapons and look where they are today .They don’t even have food to eat .” I nodded as if to affirm .” Basho but it is amazing how fast countries like Korea , Hong kong , Singapore and the other asian tigers progressed . I think it was the impact of the Hiroshima bombings and the second world war . The Asian tigers realised that they had to be self sufficient and grow on their own steam , otherwise they would not survive.” We strolled across Jogeysa Buddha temple and Gyeongbokgung Palace in the heart of seoul. The grand place which was built by the Joseon Dynasty is a huge maze of Bamboo and Wood room’s with curved roof’s . Pillars and court yards run on either side with huge free ground area in the middle. I saw the emperors thrown which was ornamented with a colourful canopy and a symbolic painting of the sun the moon and five mountains in the middle . This gave the throne a grand look.

The Jogeysa buddha temple reminded me of lot of the buddha temples i had seen in Nepal and Srilanka . Devotees listened to the monks preach and prayed . I lit and tied a white lantern to pay homage to the dead spirit of my father Arun Kumar. The white lantern is a symbol of peace and the monks pray for the departed soul . I realised Korean script is also written like the chinese script it is written from top to bottom . Unlike hindi our english which is written form left to right . Urdu or Pharisee which is written form right to left.

We then walked into Insadong street which is a street where a lot of art , calligraphy , curios and other items are sold .It is an art street , i ventured into some art galleries and finally when Basho and me had both worked up an appetite , we decided to dine in Caffe Little India . This was a small caffe decorated with ethic indian wears and served indian food . Lassi , achaar , butter chicken , roti ,pullao and other such delicacies . The music from Shah Rukh Khan’s Film Happy New Year was playing aloud “ Kehtein hein hum ko pyaar se India Wale.” Basho was delighted that i would be treating him to an Indian meal . After we were over with the meal , i asked Basho to take me to a book shop where i bought a few books on Korea and it’s cultural heritage.

It was 6:00 pm by then i had smoked my last cigarette and was getting a bit tired and irritated . Basho came up with the perfect remedy “ why don't we get you a massage sir .” I said” I though paid sex and prostitution was illegal in korea .” He smiled and said “ it’s the oldest profession in the world sir , how can it be illegal , let me see what i can do .” We soon drove into an alley i pulled out 250000 won from the ATM and we walked into a basement . The lady of the joint took the money and walked me into a room full of towels with a bed in the middle. Soon Jueng entered a young korean girl all giggly , she took me by the hand into the shower , then took off her clothes and bathed me for a while , then she poured shampoo on me and made sure very part of my body including my Khojo ( in korean it means penis) was spankingly clean . She gave me a got oil body to body massage and a spanking blow job . It took all but 40 min and i was done . I thanked every one and Basho drive me back home .As he opened the door to let me go he took off his cap and said “ It was a pleasure taking you around sir , you truly are an Indian Maharaja.”

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Soju with Hyun

In Seoul Korea

Landed at the seoul airport from Singapore in the afternoon . The mers virus had subsided by now , but we were asked to fill a medical form before we got our visa checked. I got my Euro’s changed into the local currency which is Won and headed for a taxi . My hotel was booked through the website bookings.com and a room was waiting for me . Called up Hyun my old friend from Christ College days . He said he would land up in a while . The first glimpse of Seoul reminded me of New York huge high rise buildings and a very connected and wired city .It’s the New York of the orient.

Hyun landed up next day in the evening and it was like time stood still and nothing had changed we were meeting after 25years , but it was as if just yesterday . Bang we went into our past talking about our old days and how everything was so innocent during our school days . “ Those were the days anuj we were all so innocent and uncorrupted , no worries in the world .” Then he shared his life journey with me , His painful separation from his wife , photo’s of his lovely Kid called Daniel and his love for heavy metal music and rock . Hyun was always a heavy Metal freak and went on to work as a concert organiser for rock music bands . I shared my experiences of bollywood with him and the horrific death of my father .The Jack Daniels had just finished and it was time for us to head out to see the city at night . We stumbled up into a Korean restaurant , were for the first time i tasted chilly octopus . Soju is the name of the local alcohol , it is a softer version of vodka and is had as shot’s . I enjoyed it to the hilt and lightened the spicy taste of the chilly octopus with green leaf salad and sprouts.

“ Would love to pick up a Korean chick and bang her at my hotel .I have fucked girls in Cambodia , Phillipines and Singapore “ said i with a naughty smile . “Well prostitution is illegal in Korea , but yes there our places where you can get women and get a massage also , we will see if you can venture into those places latter .”

Eating joint’s close by 11:00 o clock in Korea and the owner wanted us to finish our meal fast . Time flew as both of us got so in grossed in conversation . What could be said it was a reunion of two bunk buddied after 25 years . “ I would love to be a father like you hyun , that is one thing i need to experience , having a kid of my own , but right now i just wish to travel the world .” i said after taking drag from my cigarette .” I think you will be a great father , but you will need to settle down .” Hyun replied . We both new that the next few days in seoul will be great as two mates from the past meet and share their vastly different yet similar bitter and sweet life experience.

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